# Paper ID Paper Title Authors Status
1 1020-CNF-FULL Culturally Responsive Teaching in TEFL Curriculums: Exploring EFL Teachers' Experiences Hussein Meihami Paper Accepted
2 1072-CNF-FULL Deconstructing Foreign Languages Education Policy in Iran: A Documentary Analysis علیرضا راستی Paper Accepted
3 1034-CNF-FULL Evaluation of Pre-Intermediate Three (Pre-3) English Textbook of Iran Language Institute Mohammad Reza --- Khodadust, Banafsheh Rahbar Paper Accepted
4 1063-CNF-FULL Interlanguage pragmatics and Emotional Intelligence: Is EFL learners’ politeness strategies manifested in requests under question? Masoumeh Ahmadi Shirazi Paper Accepted
5 1028-CNF-FULL Massed Versus Spacing Instruction Impression on EFL learners' Writing Attainment: Fluency, Accuracy and Complexity in Focus جمشید مشهدی, Mehran Memari Paper Accepted
6 1021-CNF-FULL Teacher reflection: The Impact of Demographic Characteristics Ahmadreza Eghtesadi Roudi Paper Accepted
7 1016-CNF-FULL The Impact of Demographic Characteristics on The Self-Efficacy Perception of Iranian English Teachers Ahmadreza Eghtesadi Roudi Paper Accepted
8 1045-CNF-FULL The investigation of the relationship between brain executive function and writing skills with the mediating role of self-regulatory English learning strategies Atragin sadat Saadatmand Paper Accepted