To begin with, I would like to express my deep delight to be the chairman of the second national conference on PCK at Farhangian University, Bushehr. As the manager of the conference, it is a great honor to welcome you to this informative occasion.
In the academic world, especially in today’s settings which have interwoven human lives from all four corners of the globe, isolated scholarly efforts are no longer of any use or even imaginable. All advancements and progresses with regard to the collective human knowledge and science are only made possible through thoughtful, rigorous and consistent cooperation between members of different societies, institutes, and countries.
Higher education in our age is now fully speeding on the path of internationalization. This concept, as various scholars have determined, is no longer to be avoided nor is it wise to do so. The benefits of welcoming the concept of internationalization in the area of higher education are numerous. At Farhangian University, and especially at this faculty, we have embraced this notion and are fervently working towards realizing a truly international academic society which can effectively make its due contributions to the betterment of human lives.
The prerequisite for achieving an internationally-accepted university, however, is to apply and implement all internationalization principles within our own local societies and communities before moving beyond our nation’s borders. Therefore, this event, and other similar occasions, gain great value as they provide us with a myriad of opportunities to share and acquire valuable experiences and information; experiences and information that are vital to the survival and growth of our individual and collective knowledge in our fields of expertise.
I hope that you all have a great day at our Faculty and gain priceless experiences through your presence in this academic environment. Your participation in this event will indeed have long-lasting benefits for your own academic career and, through your continuous efforts, for the grand field of English Language and Literature.
Thank you all for joining us.
Best Regards,


Akbar Mollaei, Ph.D.
Manager of Farhangian University of Bushehr
Chairman of the Second National Conference on PCK